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Abstract art
by Lise B.



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Artist statement.

I create visual stories in layers, often combining acrylic, ink, charcoal, crayons, pencils, and soft pastels. Sometimes, I integrate my photographs into the paintings as transfers or cyanotypes, enriching the narrative with a tangible sense of history. My process begins with collaging pieces onto the canvas or panel, sparking my imagination and igniting the story's journey.

Text is a recurring passion in my work, whether from old books, magazines, or handwritten notes. These elements not only add texture but also weave traces of unfolding stories into the visual tapestry. The interplay of letters and images creates a unique dialogue that invites viewers to explore the depths of each piece.

My creative process is fluid and intuitive. I rarely know the final outcome until the artwork is nearly complete. This allows me to improvise, experiment, and embrace the uncertainty of the journey. The frustration and joy encountered along the way are integral to the unfolding narrative, much like an adventure to an unknown destination.

My background as a social anthropologist deeply influences my approach to art. In the field, anthropologists begin with few answers and rely on patience, curiosity, and respectful interaction to uncover insights. Similarly, my artistic process involves layering, digging, and scraping until the hidden stories reveal themselves.

Like the anthropological fieldwork, my art is a call-and-response interaction with the materials and subjects. Each layer is a step towards understanding, echoing the anthropologist's journey of discovery. Through this method, I create rich, textured works that invite viewers to delve into the complex narratives of human experience.

Artist bio.

Lise Bjerkan is an interdisciplinary artist based in Oslo, Norway, whose diverse body of work spans painting, photography, and writing. Bjerkan's artistic journey is deeply influenced by her extensive academic background. She holds a Ph.D. in social anthropology, which enriches her exploration of human connections and cultural narratives, and a master's degree in journalism, lending a keen observational eye and narrative depth to her visual and written pieces.

In 2022, Bjerkan completed her education in visual arts at Nydalen Kunstskole in Oslo, solidifying her foundation in various artistic techniques and mediums. She further honed her expertise in visual storytelling by studying fine art photography at Oslo Fotokunstskole.


Bjerkan's work is characterized by its reflective and often introspective nature, drawing upon her interdisciplinary education and experiences. Her paintings and photographs often explore themes of identity, memory, and the passage of time, while her written works complement and deepen these visual narratives.


Through her multifaceted approach, Lise Bjerkan continues to push the boundaries of artistic expression, creating a rich tapestry of work that invites viewers and readers alike to engage with the world through her unique perspective.

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Thank you for visiting my website! If you have any inquiries about my work or are interested in commissions, please feel free to get in touch. You can reach me through the form below or send me a direct message on Instagram.

All pieces come ready to hang, and I can provide detailed shots of any artwork you're interested in. For shipping arrangements, please email or DM me, and we'll find the best solution together. Your satisfaction is my priority. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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